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AQHA # 4715226 - SORREL MARE - 03/31/2005

This mare rides well and works well on cattle. She is a daughter of Smart Lil Ricochet (NCHA LTE: $6,348, and Sire of 184 Performing Foals with over $3 million NCHA Earnings to date, plus over $76,000 more in NRHA/NRCHA/USTPA/AQHA World Show Earnings, 772 Total AQHA Points, 1 Superior Award and 22 Registers of Merit). He is by Legendary NCHA Triple Crown Winner Smart Little Lena (LTE $743,275, NCHA All-Time Leading Stallion, and Sire of Offspring with combined LTE in excess of $32.5 Million, including 19 AQHA World and 15 Reserve World Championship Titles) and he is out of NCHA Futurity 6th Place mare Moria Sugar (NCHA LTE: $97,369 and Dam of 21 Performing Foals with $650,048 NCHA Earnings and $1,492 AQHA World Show Winnings).

This mare's dam is Spurs N Roses (NCHA LTE: $53,028 and Dam of 7 Performing Foals with $114,404 NCHA Earnings),a daughter of AQHA World Champion/Top Ten World Show Cutting Horse Freckles Playboy (NCHA Earnings of $59,975, NCHA Futurity 2nd Place, NCHA Finals 2nd Place, NCHA Derby 3rd Place, and Sire of 1,132 Performing Foals, including 15 World and 16 Reserve World Champions, Earners of a combined total of 8,806 AQHA Points, and Offspring Total Earnings well beyond $24 Million combined) and 1987 NCHA Non Pro Challenge 1st Place mare Kimberlena (NCHA LTE: $51,860, and Dam of 9 Performing Foals with $287,131 NCHA Earnings plus 71 AQHA Points and 3 Registers of Merit). Other greats right on this mare's papers include Doc O'Lena (NCHA LTE: $21,991, NCHA Derby/Futurity Champion, AQHA Hall of Fame, and Sire of Hall of Fame, World Champion, Superior Performance, and Offspring with 6,905 AQHA Points Earned and NCHA/NRHA/NRCHA/AQHA World Show Money of more than $14.7 Million combined), the mare Smart Peppy (9.0 Performance Points, and Dam of NCHA Super Stakes/Derby/Cutting Futurity Offspring and NCHA/NRHA Money Earners), Race ROM/Race Money Earner Son O Sugar (Speed Index = 85, NCHA LTE: $11,640, and Sire of 62 Performing Foals with over $1.1 million NCHA Earnings, $1,953 Race Winnings, $1,219 AQHA World Show Earnings, 3 Superior Titles, 2 AQHA Championships, 9 Registers of Merit, and 696 AQHA Points), Stay With Me (Dam of NCHA Money Earning Offspring of $148,182), NCHA Money Earner/ROM Cutting stallion Jewel's Leo Bars (3.0 Halter and 25.0 Performance Points, and Sire of Offspring including Earners of 21 ROMs, 1,532 total AQHA Points, and $616,336 in NCHA Earnings), Gay Jay (NCHA LTE: $1,089, and Dam of 7 Performing Foals with 2 World and 1 Reserve World Championships, 1 Superior Performance Title, 189.5 Total AQHA Points, and NCHA/AQHA World Show Earnings of $271,760), and Wicked Witchita (Dam of NCHA Money Earning Offspring of $152,093). Additionally, this mare's fourth generation includes the legendary AQHA Hall of Fame Inductee Doc Bar (36.0 Halter Points, and Sire of Offspring earning 6 World Championships, more than $3.2 Million in NCHA Winnings, and 8,894 total AQHA Points), AQHA Hall of Fame/AQHA Champion/Superior Halter and Performance mare Poco Lena (NCHA LTE: $99,819, 174.0 Halter and 671.0 Performance Points in Cutting, Multiple NCHA Top Ten World Show, and Dam of 2 Performing Foals including AQHA/NCHA Hall of Fame, Reserve World Champion, and NCHA Earnings of $107,140), World Champion Cutting Horse/Hall of Famer Peppy San (NCHA Earnings of $49,478, 26.0 Halter and 180.0 AQHA Performance Points, with Multiple World/Reserve World Champion Offspring, and Equi-stat Offspring LTE CUT Earnings of $2,788,316), the mare Royal Smart (Dam of 6 Performing Foals including Offspring with $179,313 NCHA/AQHA World Show Earnings, 2 AQHA World Championships, 167.5 Total AQHA Points, and 5 Registers of Merit), Hall of Famer Sugar Bars (Speed Index = 95, 7 wins, $3,166 Race Winnings, and 2.0 Halter Points), NCHA World Championship 4th Place mare Moira Girl (NCHA LTE: $16,008, 10.0 Halter and 21.0 Performance Points with Register of Merit, and Dam of 6 Performing Foals with $157,695 NCHA Earnings), Superior Cutting/AQHA Champion Rey Jay (NCHA Earnings of $20,597, 12.0 AQHA Halter and 261.5 Performance Points, and Sire of Supreme Champion, Reserve World Champion, Superior Performance, Hall of Fame, AQHA Champion, and many successful NCHA Money Earning Offspring), and NCHA Futurity Champion Doc Quixote (NCHA Earnings of $3,728 and Sire of World/Reserve World Champions, Superior Performance Offspring, and Earners of 4,157.5 total AQHA Points, as well as NCHA/NRHA Earnings beyond $9 million).

Last Updated: 20/10/2021

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